Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's gonna be up soon.

(out of character) OOC: oh, apologised for this dead blog. Illara here. but right now, it is definitely reviving again. me and THEChesterDEAN decided to bring up for this. Our busy lives gets in our way, but we wanna make a good out of this blog.

previously yes, it was only Chemist and The Glue. Right now, this site is totally dedicated fully to the entire members of Linkin Park. We welcome our new, yet a veteran fan of Linkin Park to our devious team, Tensh_iie as Spike Minoda. She'll be posting some stuffs here too, to whatever she likes.

We welcome you, SPIKE MINODA!

 And we hope to bring lotsa fun things, a place for us to let out just anything. it's humour.

and so, hope to create more random fun things by our alter-egos.