Monday, July 13, 2009

Take care of yourself, MS!

i was just browsing pictures over at and i found this pic! it stated he just out from medical centre. :O im not sure if its true, but Mr. Shinoda should take care of his health! :O

we, fans gonna be super worried if you fall sick! hell, if any of the boys from LP are sick we would be worried!

LOL, okay maybe being paranoid. he could be just getting an aspirin from hangover last night. LMAO! :X

anyways, i've never seen such candid shot of Mike before! :O and he looks amazing in that wardrobe! *sobs* Mike Shinoda have grown into a fashionista! LMAO. :X

Have you guys seen the Celerita's SURU show? he did a wonderful job! :D i love it! and he always used cool colors, which i noticed. but can't wait for his GLXS (dies) though. He's using quite a colors for that.

wow, Mike. LOVE the colors. :)


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