Friday, May 1, 2009

Tweettering like a PRO

OMG, I haven't posted anything in like FOREVER! Anyway, we all know by now that Chester has a Twitter right? For me that's super exciting hehe. I've had my Twitter for a month or so, but now I became addicted. He has actually answered me once, and because I asked him about his present for the Birthday Projekt. He kinda answered me though, I still ignore if he got it or not.

Anyway, believe it or not, I'm too shy to comment on the things he says, most of the things are silly xD but I feel like if I comment anything he'd think I'm an idiot. And I don't know, I've been a fan for eight years now and I've had the worst of lucks when it comes to the band, so... I'm trying to keep myself from commenting 'cause knowing my luck he'd probably end up hating me :(

I've never seen them live, I've never won ANYTHING, I've only been on a chat with Chester once and it was six years ago. Sometimes other fans hates me for no apparent reaon, now that I'm old enough to travel to Mexico City, they never came back (and it's been 6/7 years since their concert here), etc.

I've done literally EVERYTHING for this band (specially Chester) and I work really hard on all my sites, but most of the time I feel I'm gonna always be an unknown hahaha. It sucks xD. But he thanked me for the present anyway, so I'm happy for that, we all worked really REALLY hard on it :D

And that's it, I'll come up with something better soon :D


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