Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thank You Twitter

It's funny how can you have a mistaken image of someone for so long and the get to know this person (parcially) and change it in a matter of seconds. When I started being a Linkin Park Fan, I was 16, an hormonal teenager that thought that Chester belonged to her haha so I never really liked Sam, I was jealous of her in all ways possible haha but as I grew up I grew to like her. When they divorced, I was just confused 'cause I was used to the image of them together. But now, I loooove Samantha thanks to Twitter. She's been nothing but nice with me, answers all my tweets and has sent me a couple of pictures to my e-mail. She's AWESOME!. I wish I knew she was this nice since the beginning.

Chester on the other hand, is still being the love of my life even if he ignores almost all my tweets hahaha. He hasn't been on Twitter as often as the first days :( I miss reading his random comments. Anyway, I just wanted to mention how freaking nice is Samantha everybody should follow her, she's cool!.


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