Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dr. Shinoda?

after final countdown of various task that i've done, i finally complete myself with satisfactory re-edit of the layout :D

sorry it took soooo long!!!!

have you guys read, Mike's post on him speaking college graduation? and how Chester found a reason to call Mike, Dr. Shinoda?


now, as a fangirl, i felt really proud that Mike had reached this far to do a speech! it is so good! the students are just so lucky! i do wished Mike do a speech in my school previously, but i finally near my graduation day. oh wells.

AND OH MY GOD, he cut his hair again. he shaved it again. For once, Mike keep that mowhawk! I LOVE THAT LOOK ON YOU!

but then again, he still looked just cute :D xD

Soon, i'll make a decent post out of it! :D



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