Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Teacher???

Now that I remember, on the LPU Chat, Chester also said he'd be some sort of Teacher if he didn't make it in the music bussiness, which is kind of funny 'cause I'm literally a teacher (ok, just a year from graduation but I've taught and worked on schools, so I'M a Teacher haha). I think is kinda cute that he'd have tought of being a teacher if it didn't work out as a musician. Being a teacher is quite hard and his screaming voice would have been PERFECT for the job hahaha!.

Anyway, the other day on, Mike talked about The Beatles and awww I went nuts, here it is:

I was just researching something online, which led me to a Beatles song, which led me to a list of their releases. Check out the year of release (UK) on these albums:

Help!– Aug ’65

Rubber Soul– Dec ’65

Revolver– Aug ’66

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band– June ’67

The Beatles (a.k.a. ‘The White Album’)– Nov ’68

Yellow Submarine– Jan ’69

Abbey Road– Sept ’69

Yes I left out a couple albums, which were re-releases of material.

These guys released seven classic albums and did a lifetime of evolving in the span of four years. We all need to step our shit up. I'm going to the studio.

First of, it makes me SO happy one of my favorite bands encourages my top favorite band EVER. Being a fan of The Beatles, knowing everything about them and loving their early years, kind of makes you forget they're LEGENDS and that not only you know them but almost every person in the world does. I mean, it still feels funny to read/hear Linkin Park talking about The Beatles the same way I do. I also forget that just because LP is a famous rock band it doesn't mean they aren't fans of other bands (that I'm actually a fan of too) It's really cool.

And I commented this on the blog:

You also skipped Magical Mystery Tour and the fact that they also did three movies in those years. I'm so happy they encourage you to work on your new album. But the truth is they always rushed their releases because of their contract, they had to release god knows what number of LP's per year. And Lennon & McCartney had this gift of writing songs out of ANYTHING and dream about melodies. And when they stepped into the Studio they'd spend whole days there, really hard working guys hehe!. But like a comment below said, quality is better than quantity and your recording process is already great. PS: To be quite honest, I've always seen YOU as the McCartney of LP, the guy that can do ANYTHING.

Which is the truth, if you are at least familiar to The Beatles' story, then you'd know why. Paul McCartney plays every instrument you can imagine, he writes beautiful songs and literally, can do anything. He's also an artist and has a lot of beautiful paintings. And I can't help but think Mike is that way too, like really REALLY talented in several things. I mean, everybody thinks I'm only centered in Chester and in what he does and that I don't care what the other guys do, but that's not true. I really appreciate their talent in what they ALL do. And artistically, Mike is someone to look up to, he's simply awesome.

Sorry The Glue for stepping on your subject haha but I had to talk about Mike this time mwahaha!.


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