Saturday, January 24, 2009

In Between


you can say that i have no quality time of myself blogging. and sometimes it sucks to have something already planned comes in your way. The Glue is feeling that right now. LOL! everytime i see The Chemist blogs - ideas just rambled down in my mind right now. and so here i am rambling down- *ahem* i mean, writing randoms. :)

anyways, i really thank you The Chemist for inviting me to her SL team. :) if you have no idea what's SL.. she actually is the owner for Shinodaland too! Actually, i decided to work as a staff under her :) thanks for accepting my request.

as much as i have my time on LPC, i would love to help on other websites. xD oh yeah, stay tuned with SHINODALAND as new layout will be up soon :D and there are many new things that the myself and SL team will be planning. :D


xD pardon for me fangirl-ing over him. 'cause this is the part where i can go bonkers anytime.

isn't it hot to have mike shinoda himself as a lecturer? LOL! okay, he actually was just giving speeches. but hey, inspirational speeches from someone who actually been involving around arts all the time is really awesome. :D

i wanted to continue myself through art school but as you know, not all of us are really that rich around the world. but that doesnt mean it stopped me from continuing my dream, yeah?

you can say that mike shinoda himself have inspired this 'the glue' in me to continue forth with my own plans in the future. something that i want. :D

and so, Mike's lecture "picture" have honestly made me really inspired good. xD

oh i would love to have a teacher like him. xD


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