Tuesday, January 6, 2009

MS - Artist he like to produce

afternoon! (SG time: 7th Jan - 7:37AM) xD

how are you guys doing? ;) im good and today is my 3rd day of school - oh dear, its dragging. LMAO! anyways, putting my life aside..

i was actually browsing through to update my site, LPC (hey, Chemist check LPC - ive updated xD LMAO) i was browing through chester-land.net i stumbled upon Mike's WeMix site. i wasnt gonna do anything or what but then this topic caught my eyes.

"MS - Artist I like to Produce."

I would love to know what kind of artist he liked to work with since as we all know, Mike's workaholic. Even so, maybe some fans knew how workaholic Mike is or maybe it's just me. xD But yeah, Mike really said some tough points and i find that he wanted to produce a music that can last up to 10 years down the road or maybe lifetime.

So, if you have the passion for music instead of fame, he'll be serious with you and work with you.

which is i find that Mike is truely firm with his work ;) well, good quality is important. im so proud of Mike! He produces good songs, LP produces good songs - and yes LP's 8 years ago album im still listening to it.

this shows his work is really worth it.

So, check the video out maybe those who have passion for music, i hope you'll be inspired to work harder ;)


on the side note: Chemist's previous post - kinda scary it is. The Warner thingy is scary. but we should be careful of what we say, else they'll tracked us down ;)

we all love to protest, but our authority to those who have money is bigger than ours, all we can do is pray and hope that something will change and all of us, webmasters must be careful of our posts/ideas in our fansite.

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