Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chester's Birthday Projekt

Right now I'm extremely happy 'cause I'm running a BIRTHDAY PROJEKT for Chester and it's been a success until now, we're still two months from the deadline we've already received 5 e-mails with awesome presents. But that's not all.... a LOT of people has been kind of posting about it on their sites, like LP Construction, Rob Bourdon Fansite, Linkin Lady & Joe, that was just super adorable from them *smiles like an idiot* it just makes me so happy to see such a support from other well known fansties, thank you guys.

And I'm really postive that we'll get more e-mails than last year's projekt. I'm just sooo excited, I really want this project to be a success, I want Chester to know how important he is to all of us and probably make him feel special, just as special as he is *sighs*. Can you tell I'm in love? hehehe.


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