Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's like I'm paranoid...

Today I finally read Chester's chat over the LPU and aside of being incredibly jealous because I couldn't be there *lol* I got all kind of feelings, like excited, amused or terrified. But here I'll explain why I got to feel that way.

Is well known that I'm a huuuuuuuuuuuuge Beatles' fan, like... really obsessed with them hehe (almost like with Linkin Park) and I totally adore everyone that likes them, right? And if there's something that makes me happy is to realize I have at least a thing in common with Chester (we just have few things in common, so... it's always exciting to learn new ones) and every time he mentions The Beatles I get all hyper. And I've always known he actually likes The Beatles, I even made a post on my fandom journal listing all the interviews I have of him that mentions The Beatles (yeah, too much free time) and it always made me feel like it was another small thing we had in common. Well, on the LPU chat he mentioned them AGAIN as one of his favorites albums. But the best things is that he chose my second favorite album of The Beatles' EVER. My personal favorite is Rubber Soul because it has most of my favorite songs, but the album he chose is one of the most experimental ones and one that marked the beginning of a very important change in their music and, and, and.... he just made the right choice hehe.

Felicity says (17:22): Desert Island discs!, what three records would you take with you? Thanks for the lyrics as they make life make more sense. Milton Keynes rocked!, well worth getting squashed!

chesterbennington says (17:24): Filicty- hmmm, 3 records- probably Beatles- Revolver, Jane’s Addiction- Nothing’s Shocking, and Violator- by Depeche Mode.

I mean.... I LOVE HIM!!!! You know people don't know ANYTHING about The Beatles when they say their favorite song is Yesterday or that their favorite album is Sgt. Pepper without giving you a reason why. But the fact that he didn't mention the most popular album EVER in the story of The Beatles makes me go awwww and the fact that it is my second favorite album makes me happy.

And if my assumptions are correct, his favorite Beatle is Lennon, just like mine *does the happy dance* 'cause there's a quote of him mentioning Lennon, but I can't remember the exact quote and I'm too lazy to look for it and he also did a parody of the Bed In, Lennon did in 69' (too bad John didn't do it shirtless *LOL*). So, YAY for our love for The Beatles.


Why do I say I got happy? As I mentioned before... when I was in a chat with Chester he said he never visited fansites, right? well... this time he answered something completely different:

Felipeintheend says (17:22): Chester, we, fans who work at fansites, love to work for the band, what do you think of fansites? Do you visit any of them?

chesterbennington says (17:26): Felipeintheend- Every once in a while I go look at the fansites. I think it’s cool, but it bothers me when they are gossipy and not always accurate.
chesterbennington says (17:26): But good fansites are great
chesterbennington says (17:27): I don’t like when in some chat rooms of some sites there’s always someone being a hater though, that bothers me.

I literally spit my soda when I read this. I mean WHAT??? so he actually visits fansites?. Being someone that spends most of her free time working/thinking/improving a fansite utterly dedicated to this man is like the best news EVER. I never even thought of the fact of Chester knowing about, that was like only a dream I had, but what if he actually knows about it? It's like the mere idea of it makes me happy. So yay for Chester not being so afraid of the internet anymore *does the happy dance once more*.


Someone asked him if he ever got scared by a fan (stupid question, of course he did... one stalked him ¬¬' stupid stalker) anyway my point is, it got me thinking of what would he think if he ever knew about me? (something I'm starting to believe it won't ever happen hehe) or my site? would he think I'm only an obsessed little girl with no life? I don't know, I would hate if he got a really baaaaaaaaaaad impression of me hehe. I mean, I'm literally everywhere, I visit almost every fansite out there, I'm always making new friends, I moderate his official forum, I'm always doing things for the fans like the birthday projekt (which has been mentioned in a lot of other fansites).

I don't know, people tends to not like me for the wrong reasons and I'd hate if that could happen with Chester. I mean, sometimes I tend to give wrong impressions hehe. Like I don't want him to think I'm just another fangirl that loves him because he's cute and that I don't know anything about music and don't really care about all the things he's done. I mean, I do really admire him as a musician, singer, songwriter, artist in general. I do think he's cute, sure... but that's not the main reason of why I liked him in the first place, I mean... the first time I listened to Linkin Park I did know NOTHING about them, not even their faces and I already liked their music,so I'm not a fan because he's hot.

I mean, I like bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, artists like Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly... I do not have a bad taste in music at ALL and I know a LOT of bands and musicians, I'm a really good non-professional music critic *lol* so the fact that Linkin Park is my favorite band ever says a LOT because I'd never EVER like a band that isn't good, not even if the vocalist is like the hottest guy on earth.

And it does scare me the fact that just because I like to show my support for them by making fansites, side projekts, videos, etc, would make him think I'm an obsessed stalker-ish fan because I'm not. I'm obsessed with their music, yes... I can't spend a month without listening to them. But I would never do something stupid just to get to them. All I ever wanted was to see them live, that's it, that's my dream. I don't really mind if I'm never able to be on a M&G (even though that'd be AWESOME) but the thing I really want is just see them live and enjoy the music I love SO much!.

I'm just a harmless fan that likes to show some support to her favorite band by encouraging other fans to show their support, so the band can feel the love and appreciation from their fans... that's it, that's what I am. I'm not trying to have any kind of recognition either, I'm not seeking for any kind of popularity. I do what I do not expecting anything in return, I simply love doing it.

And that's it... that's what excites me, makes me happy and leaves me paranoid haha.


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