Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the start of the love

you can say that the birth of this site, is almost new year. xD superbly spot on the time.

like the picture said,

Oh, happy anniversary to Chester and Talinda as well xD LOL! i remembered they got married on 31st December? am i right, The Chemist?

Hmm, i wonder when Mike got married? May 2003 right? gosh! im such a failure being a fan! LMAO! anyways, yes welcome 2009! over here in Singapore is practically almost noon of the first day January. over the US, it'll be new year soon! ;) have a wonderful, new year - everyone!

okay, let's not talk about the new year. lets talk about Mike. yes, this coming february 2009 he'll be 32 years old! oh dear. how time flies, i was only 11 when i really liked him. xD but wait, let me tell you my first likings of Linkin Park.

"Actually i hated them."

YES. its the truth. but what happens was, i became to love them more and more because of their song.

i was 11 back then and my brother did asked me to watch 'one step closer' the music video. and you know what? I WAS SCARED! LOL! thats the funny thing, i was scared! you know who i was scared of?

Mike Shinoda, himself.

weird, right?

and now, i loved him to bits. you see, i was 11. tell me, who is not afraid of the red hair, the green jacket - yes you know it from the one step closer video. i almost didn't watch it. the red hair scares me most. yes, i call him the red hair before i knew him.

and then comes along the 'in the end' video. i gotta say thanks to this video and the song because during my adolescent years, i was really growing up and sometimes i was confused. this song really brings back memories on how i handle my situation back then. i give alot of thanks.

and here comes the picture i really FELL IN LOVE WITH.
he dyed his hair back to BLACK. AND OH MY GOD.


LOL! yes, i fell in love and soon i began my research on him then to the rest of the band. OH DEAR IM SO IN LOVE. those are his single years - then got to know he married in 2003 - i was 15. my heart crumbled down and all i could do was wished him all the best with his wife.

that's where i got to know Anna.
i was in awe and had an unexplainable feeling about her. she looked gorgeous and with Mike they both looked really awesome together!

and so, my love towards Mike and Anna never fails to grow stronger everyday until recently i actually dreamt that i was Anna's best friend and Mike wanted to surprise her for their anniversary! it was such a sweet dream! :D i love them both to bits!
look at how much her grown.

he's turning 32 soon and i can't imagined this. i am so proud to be their fan! very proud!

*cries animatedly*

i just love them to bits. xD


PS: those words are true. LOL

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