Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The day my boy married someone else...

This is the tragic story of how I got my heart broken by Chester Bennington hehe. There was a time in which Linkin Park wasn't really in the spotlight and my old site was dead, so I stopped visiting fansites as constantly as I used to. But one day I read Chester had divorced Samantha and the drama began. I was like "Oh my poor baby must be heartbroken" hehe but really soon, I got used to the idea of him being S I N G L E!!! I actually loved the idea. But it took me longer to get used to it, than finding out he had a new girl already *cries* so, another big fat drama began "Who is she? whyyyy? WHYYYYYYYY? god WHYYYY???" and so I found out it was Talinda. And then BAM, they're married and then BAM they had a kid, everything happened so fast it literally traumatized me for a while hehe.

I never really liked Samantha, so I was happy to see my boy happy (with a prettier woman heehe) and now I simply adore Talinda, she seems like such a nice person and it's plain to see that she adores Chester almost (let that clear, ALMOST) as much as I do hehehe.

And today is their 3rd anniversary, and I'm jealous in a very good way hehe who wouldn't wish to be Talinda in a day like today? *smiles like an idiot*. I'm seriously happy for them, nothing makes me more happy than seeing Chester in love and happy and I love whoever makes him smile. So a big thank you to Talinda for making my boy happy.



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