Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happey new year

Yes, I had to use a semi-naked picture of Chester for the end of the year, happey? I am :D hope you have a great time with your family, eat a lot and have fun. Best wishes for 2009.

And this is that time of the year, in which Chester fans think back and remember when he was blonde... oh those good ol' years.

And it's impossible not to think how fast time flies, right?. Yes, I'm one of those fans that actually SAW him blonde :D. So for me, that's kind of nostalgic hehe. I remember waiting impatiently the premiere of In The End, or the release of Meteora, do you guys remember those times? Oh I was young hehe. When he only had ONE kid and out of the blue he now has 4 hahaha.

And it's just me? or he keeps getting hotter with the years? oh my dear Chester, can't wait to see what he has for us for 2009. Hopefully, a new Linkin Park album and the release of the desperately waited Dead By Sunrise album.

But as a good news for the new year, it looks like he's going to be on Crank 2, "Given Up" in the soundtrack and he appears for like two seconds on the trailer (he looks hawt by the way). As for Chester fans, we have good expectations for 2009.

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