Friday, January 16, 2009

Random things


Not everything is happiness when you're a fan, right now I'm kind of s a d. Why? you'd ask... well, this Saturday there's going to be an exclusive chat with Chester on the LPU and it totally frustrates me. Why? because I spent 6 years of my life crying to my mom to let me join the LPU, and after so many years she finally let me and what happened? I never received my package, wich pissed my mom off and didn't let me renew my membership. And now I'm going to miss the one-every-millenium-chance to chat with Chester waaaah!!!! I have such a bad luck it pisses me off :(

The only one time I had a chance to chat with Chester was way back in 2003 that he did an open chat at, I remember I spent three hours in the queue to be able to join the chat. And this is what I asked xD

[20:03:27] ChazChaz: hey Chaz my name is Maria i'm from Mexico this is my question: do you visit your fan sites?, cuz i have one that i love, i work really hard on it the name of the site is Linkin With Chester
[20:03:52] Chester: I appreciate that
[20:04:04] Chester: I don't really think I've ever been on the internet except to do these web chats
[20:04:06] Chester: i've never even sent an email

SEE???? when will I have another chance? NEVER!!! He has a freaking internet phobia hahaha! and why now? after only two months since my membership expired he's going to do a chat, WHY GOD WHYYYY???? *cries*


At least, last night I had a pretty cool dream. I was supposed to be on a gig of a band a friend really liked, but it was a small thing, just a couple of kids were there and I didn't really care about the band playing right? Until someone announced on the mic that they had a special guest there.

"And now let me introduce to you... Chester Bennington from Linkin Park"

And I literally peed my pants. He just said hello and walked out of the stage and walked to a group of kids that surrounded him in a milisecond, but you could tell NONE of them were LP fans and just wanted to say hi to him. I ran to the group and literally jumped to get in the middle in front of Chester (haha that was actually funny).

And if you wonder how Chester was dressed, this is exactly how he looked like:


I think I just love these pictures too much heh!!!

Anyway, when I finally made my way in the middle, a girl asked him something in Spanish and he said "I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're saying, can someone translate that?" and I rised my hand like if I was at school and Chester just smiled at me and was waiting for me to translate what the girl said so I got really nervous and my voice sounded weird and made no sense, it was like "If younsha fhsgaia dhfgs" so he said "What?" kind of laughed so I took a deep breath and repeated "She asked if you're going to be touring this year" he smiled at me again and answered the question. Then out the blue we were all alone and he started asking me questions, and told me my English was pretty cool weeehe!!! hehe. When we said goodbye, he hugged me and while I was literally shaking from nervousness (a real fangirl moment hehe) and he said "I really hope I can see you in one of our shows" I just nodded like an idiot, he kissed my cheek and walked away. And I just woke up with the biggest smile ever, it felt so niiiice!!! hehehe.


I'm part of the community LP_Rating over at LJ and according to the members I'm like Mike, HAHA!!!. I actually thought I was going to get Chester since we even dress alike, but I was really impressed they thought I'm like Mike hehe. It doesn't bother me at all, it's quite cool actually, but what do you guys think? am I more like Mike or Chester? hehe What do you think Glue?


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