Sunday, January 18, 2009

the glue's dream 02


I apologised for The Glue's missing in action. I was pretty busy and blanked what to talk about but actually I've been thinking of what to blog and suddenly I had a dream of Mike! to top it all off I dreamt of Anna too!

once again! xD

i felt the communication of myself with the two of them, the feeling is pretty WOW-ed for me.

i dreamt that i actually met him at his art show and able to see all his artworks. i think i happened to came as an artist myself since i love designing that i was actually invited to his art show. *beams*

and what are the odds, Anna actually recognised me. She approached me and we happened to talk that's when Mike came by beside her.. and Anna introduced me to Mike. and we talked! xD it was really blurry but im able to enjoy myself at his show and able to study all his artworks. which is exceptionally incredible for me to handle.

i happened to share to Mike about how i really wanted to open an art show myself but i havent got any luck because i am lacking exposure, more or less - no one wanted to sponsor a place for me to showcase my talent.

Mike listened to me understanding every word i said, and this is what he replied.

"Do your best and when that day comes. I'll be waiting to see your art."

i went speechless and a little tear of joy in my eyes. its a dream, but im glad that i felt real for a moment there..

before the sun started to shine into my eyes and ended it. ~_~ at least i get to hear what Mike says. *sigh*

but im excited, so far, its sort of an encouragement for me to go on. since im going to graduate soon! and i really looked up to him as my artist idol. don't you sometimes looked up to Mike as one? ;)

oh how i love his hair. xD


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