Friday, January 2, 2009

The joys of being a webmaster

Here, another idea stolen from The Glue's blog where she talked about being the webmaster of LPConstruction [GO SEE IT OR DIE]. And I have to agree with her that it's AWESOME to own a Linkin Park fansite.

My very first fansite was called Linkin With Chester (awful I know) and it started being a fansite completely in Spanish (my mother language) and I created it in October 19th, 2001. It was fun for a while until I found out NOBODY visited it hehe so I made it now in English too (with my awful 3 year old-like English of those days). And it became popular, not as popular as my current fansite, but people visited and said they liked it. the site looked awful hehe and I did know nothing about running a Linkin Park fansite so I was always late on news and had very little pictures. But as the time passed by I got better at it I guess. But one dreadful day in 2004 my computer got a virus and I lost everything *cries* and I was too busy to start a site all over again, so I kept my life siteless for almost 3 years *gasps*

This is one of Linkin With Chester's awful layouts

Until my birthday of 2007 that a friend of mine offered me a domain as a present. I called it CHESTER-LAND.COM. Why?, well... because my friends knows me as Chester (and most people ignores my real name) and thought Chester Land would be my land, my world, everything about me. But my friend kept telling me to start my fansite dedicated to Chester, so I gave in to temptation and started it again. After 7 months the site was shut down and two weeks later CHESTER-LAND.NET was born. I seriously ADORE my site, when it was still .com it used to get 1000 visits PER DAY, and ever since a lot of people have participated with it, and I've met awesome people like The Glue.

My oldest friend online is Jen (I've known her since 2001 or 2002), and ever since I came back to the fansites world Jen have always supported me and we have now because of her. I've just met really awesome people and I'm really thankful for that. chester-land keeps growing and it's getting more popular with time. I remember back then, I wanted a big fansite like LPTimes or something, of course chester-land isn't half of what LPTimes is, but at least, for being a fansite dedicated to ONE member is a big fansite hehe. And you have no idea how proud I get when people sign the guest book or send me e-mails just to tell me they like the site. *sigh* being a webmaster if one of the best experiences ever.

Like I once joined the LPU Chatroom and someone said "ChesterDEAN from chester-land?" it felt nice to be recognized by someone probably from the other side of the world. Oh and another awesome thing, was when Jen named me a moderator at Chester's Official Message Board, best day of my life hehe. And deep down, I really wish sometime Chester gets to visit the site you know? or just know about it haha it would be terrific if he knew who I am you know? all the effort and hours of hard work spent on that site would be worthy (actually, they are with every single comment I get from my LP friends :D) but sometimes we want the big guy to know about it too hehe.

But even if he never finds out about my site, I looove working on it and it's one of the best things. I'd never give up on this site, never ever!. We're about to get 100,000 visits and that's a thrill to me, I never thought my site would get so big and popular. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!



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