Friday, January 2, 2009

The Glue's Dreams

LOL! thanks to all who loved this random rambles by us!

i feel honoured and will try my best to deliver any randoms about Mike! xD okay, topic of the day. DREAMS! recently i had this wonderful dream. I have tonnes of dreams about me meeting Mike. But this recent dream was about Anna as well! HOW AWESOME WAS THAT? i dont get it everyday, y'know. xD

it was twice to be honest. i had a dream about Mike and Anna twice. well something that involved Anna. just her name.

the 1st dream goes:
I happened to be at the M & G [meet and greet] session. i was really freaking excited because I havent gone to a M & G session before, so i felt that my heart could drop any moment. it was awesome meeting the band - well that was what i thought! after all the guys' signings it came down to Mike. OMG! I WAS DAMN NERVOUS!

So, my stuff had passed down for Mike to sign and there are alot of things you could say to Mike. MANY THINGS.

guess what did i say?

"Hey Mike, could you send my regards to your wife, Anna?"

I SWEAR TO GOD, but dreaming myself saying that to him, i could nearly died and strangle myself xD (just kidding!)

well, Mike's reaction was priceless. well, he was shocked but he kept his composure. *beams* He is soo sweet that he smiled and nodded, replying - "sure, no problem."

and i blushed freaking red like hell then saying, "Thanks! LP rocks!" With my right hand gesturing the rock sign to the band. And i couldnt care less about the other LP fans around me. i was just damn glad that i met them.
but thanks to all that - my alarm decided to go off at that moment, without giving me time to enjoy the moment. *sigh* 'cause when you woke up from the best dreams, you'll feel disappointed that you really want that to happen to you, am i right? ;)

i was really happy but i hope to one day to go for M & G sessions. i havent got myself signed up for LPU yet but hope to be one soon. xD if not, most probably take part in simple competition to win the M & G ('cause they usually do that contest, in Singapore) :D :D

And here comes the second dream. this second dream, i cant help it but to cry. i felt really happy for Mike and Anna. I do wish that their love will last long! very long and i really wish for that.

the 2nd recent dream goes:
Actually, i happened to be so called, Anna's best friend. (o_O OMG! IM SO HAPPY!) And Mike would like to do a surprise or rather something to make Anna happy. He actually told everything, every detail what he wanted to do and he needs my help to bring me to surprise her at the specific place.

What Mike did took a lot of work and time and effort which actually moved my heart to the point i was actually already in tears but Mike didn't noticed it. I was moved by his love towards Anna till the point he wanted to do THIS much for her.

The staircase a place where they got married before, (this is a dream so it isnt really true) Mike wrote dozens of lines filled with love and words that are meant for Anna, herself. He lit up a small beautiful candle one by one and place it at the end of every line. So, that Anna could read it all.

It was one of the strangest ways to express his love for her, but i couldnt help it but im the one getting all teared up. "So, what do you think?" I saw Mike actually asked me. But i cant seemed to answer him back. (its a dream, duh!) He managed a big smile and had asked to bring Anna here and a nod was all i could do in return.

And I, seeing all his hard work done alot, though i had asked if my help was needed, he said all he needs an opinion - i just managed a smile and i patted on his shoulder for his hard work.

It was then, i finally got through Anna at her place. (AT HER PLACE! AT BOTH OF THEIR PLACE! @_@ *FAINTS*) As her best friend, Anna knew something had happened when i arrived with all my teary eyes and a smile was formed. She thought i was hiding something. "What happened? Are you okay? Did someone hurt you?" Those were the questions that i was asked throughout. Anna could become a great mother. Her worry expressions - i felt it. i really felt like i was there.

(and the dream i couldn't say anything. just let say, im being DUMB. and maybe both of them knows that i am.)

i made Anna wore the nicest dress that she has on the wardrobe and made her the most beautiful lady as she can be. Anna was dumbfounded, definitely. But I could have guessed that she thought i couldnt speak all she could do was followed my actions without any hesitations or questions. Which was finally, i took a piece of paper and i wrote...

"Anna, i was asked by someone to take you there."

am i an idiot or what? what kind of english WAS that?!

and so, i took her to the place where Mike had instructed me to. to the stairs that Mike had actually written with all his beautiful writings, the candles which still burning with the light for Anna to actually read it.

"What's this?" Anna asked me. All i could do was to show the letter 'M' stating the obvious and gestured my hand indicating that it was for her. "M? You meant Mike?" I nodded. "Mike did this for me?" I gave another happy nod with tears in my eyes. She read every single line before taking her one step at the time down the stairs.

When i stopped in my tracks noticing Mike in his suit. he looked very handsome as he already has. i was stunned by him. i was stunned at how beautiful Anna can be. Anna stopped halfway when she saw Mike. She had a smile on her face before she hurried over to Mike for a big embrace.

I felt my heart tugged with such a heartwarming scene that caused me to break down in tears like a baby in front of them. Mike had actually did all this for their anniversary. And I couldnt hide the fact that i am Mike's fan. I idolized him.

Why was I the one crying? The one crying should have been Anna, I thought. Suddenly i felt someone held my shoulders which was Mike saying, "Thank you, Lara."

As I was wiping my tears, Anna gave me a hug that I could almost felt like real. "Thank you, oh dear, Lara!" She smiled. "Now, don't you cry." She wiped my tears and smiled warmly.
-taken from my blog entry - "awkward yet heartwarming"

it was so amazing. dreaming about them made me love them more than ever before. im not just talking about Mike. But im talking about as general - as a whole - the whole LP band. xD i mean. gosh, this topic had made me gone haywire for a moment. LMAOOOO!

im sure some of the dreams, happen to you guys before right??? IM SURE! lol!

that's a long post for today! have a nice day y'all! :D


PS: this is so random, i cant help but to giggle myself like silly fangirl.

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