Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kind of sad...

Right now I'm literally depressed. You all know how much I love my site right? and how much I love updating it and having cool stuff for you guys to see, like pictures, videos and audios. Well, lately... I've been having a job, I've been teaching little kids English and it takes half of my day working, and the other half is dedicated to school and I have zero time to look on the internet for that cool stuff for the site.

I haven't made a real pictures update in million years, the only ones I uploaded belonged to Jen and she just borrowed them to me. It really makes me sad. I asked JoeyDC to join the team but I haven't even had the time to create her account on the site and gallery, it totally sucks.

And then on weekends, that used to be dedicated most of the time to my sites, now are dedicated to a very crazy social life, which I can't turn my back on it 'cause I've been crying out for such cool friends for a long time 'cause I've been a geek these past couple of years. Aghhh it sucks that the day doesn't last 28 hours, then I could work on everything and have time for everything. Right now I'm just too tired to do anything. I'll be off to bed in a couple of minutes, doesn't that suck?


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