Friday, February 20, 2009

My dream-man!!!

I just woke up from the best nap ever. I always dream about Chester when I least expect it.... I thought about everything before going to bed but Chester and he just got into my head.

I'm studying to be an English teacher, so we normally see American/British people around our school. Well, I don't know how, when or why I knew Chester was going. At first the dream was a bit bizarre and things happened on different places, at first... I was supposed to be in my room with all the band (oh my gooooood hahaha) and we were taking pictures, they were all nice and sweet, even though I can only recall Rob haha.

Anyway, so... Chester walked to me and I asked him for a picture of just the two of us. Sweetly, he accepted and wrapped his arm around my shoulders pulling me closer to him so I rested a hand on his chest and wrapped the other one around his waist while my head was gently resting on his shoulder. Joe took the picture, then Rob took another one and Mike was getting ready to take another one when I just bursted in tears. The whole band turned to see me, but when Chester looked at me all the rest simply disappeared.

He looked down at me and smiled a little "What's wrong Mary?" I buried my face on his chest and kind of held him a bit tighter "I'm sorry, you just don't know what this means to me" I had just realized I was hugging CHESTER BENNINGTON!!! He tightened the embrace and just waited for me to calm down. After a moment, I finally calmed down and he squeezed my shoulder "Ready to go?" I nodded and we were then at my school (yes, like we just appeared there). We were joking and sharing smiles to each other the whole time we were at school.

There was also a time, friends and family were trying to talk to him in Spanish and I'd say "He doesn't understand a word you are saying" (in Spanish of course) and he'd look at me questioning, so I'd ask him "Right Chaz? you don't understand" and he'd shake his head no hahaha so sweet!.

Then he told me he had to visit a class room with my teachers, but asked for my number *beams* and walked away. Not long after, my cellphone rang and it was him explaining me what he was doing.... that he wished he just could just walk out. He rang me several times, but the last time made me cry like a baby... he said "Mary, I'm sorry I didn't say good bye, but they're taking us to the airport, there was no chance for us to go see you... I'm sorry" I was in schock... probably more than I was when I hugged him "But... but... I wanted to say good bye, are you coming back?" silence "Chester, are you coming back?" "No" so I started to cry like a little baby. And that's when I woke up hehe seriously, I could easily feel the pression in my chest because I couldn't stop him to say goodbye!

Gee, I love him so much hehe!


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