Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mike's Blog - Glorious Sneaker Freaker X M.S!

have you seen the recent post of right? LMAO! i'm sure you have!
well, i'm glad for this post i was the first one to arrive and to comment. woohoo! accomplish! everytime i visit his blog, i was hoping to be the first. xDxD typical fangirl? well, being the glue, you should understand!

this is what i comment in returned. xDxDxD

yeap, when Mike arrived in Singapore for the November 2007 concert here in Singapore, he did went to our landmark places. well not actually landmark but a lane called, 'Haji Lane' (if i seriously knew, i would freaking be there) and he actually visit a store that did an awesome design. those shoes are from that store :)

and it happened to be the store i would looking forward to get a job there! xD OMG WHAT ARE THE ODDS?! LMAO!

But at the same time, it's thanks to Mike for introducing that store. NO, im not getting a job there, 'cause Mike had been there - but for obvious reasons - DESIGN.

i love designing :D and so i would love to be train by those awesome people at the store over there xDxDxD

And yes, he did post today about the 'Late to Glorious Excess' a video he posted up ^^

superbly awesome interview, actually now i would understand entirely about his art show! :D i knew its about something to do with celebrity life, now i actually knew it deeper.

have a nice day!


PS: by the way, I LOVE MIKE'S HAIRSTYLE NOW! he looks super handsome plus cute equals to Mike Shinoda. xD

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